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Wind Orchestra "Vitino Zizzi"

The Wind Orchestra

The "Vitino Zizzi" Wind Orchestra is owned by the "Città di Cisternino" Music Association. It was recently named in memory of the former president, Vitino Zizzi, and has been led with passion, generosity, and professionalism by Donato Semeraro, who is a composer, arranger, and horn teacher at the “N. Piccinni” Conservatory in Bari. Since 1994, the orchestra has held concerts and featured in national and international festivals, winning important awards. The orchestra has toured extensively throughout Europe, including Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, France, Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Spain. Memorable performances and significant events include the ones in Castel Gandolfo for Pope John Paul II, in Poland, and in the Holy Land.

Orchestra di Fiati Vitino Zizzi

In 2014, the orchestra won the first prize at the "Bande Sonore" competition in Montemesola (Italy), the first and only musical contest aimed at recognizing the most innovative band in the Puglia region. While the orchestra is not a typical marching band, it presides over all local religious festivities in neighboring towns. The Wind Orchestra is passionate about producing concerts that combine classical band sounds with theater, dance, video projections, and local pop-rock musicality.

The Wind Orchestra has an impressive track record of success in Italy and abroad. It has received critical acclaim at international competitions and festivals, proving its quality, professionalism, and artistry in performances. The Orchestra's commitment to innovation and artistic excellence is a testament to the importance of music and culture in our society.

Orchestra di Fiati Vitino Zizzi